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Will Double Glazing Keep My House Cool in Summer?

4th July 2023 |

Double Glazing

Installing high quality double glazed windows and doors is, without doubt, one of the best home improvements you can make to your property.

Aside from offering improved security, being low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, the energy efficiency benefits of double glazing are second to none. Potentially saving you a fortune on fuel bills through the colder months.

At Majestic Designs we’ve been installing double glazing in homes across Somerset for over 20 years, and during that time we’ve learned a lot about what kind of home improvements suit our unique Westcountry climate.

We all know that double glazing improves energy efficiency and a warm, cosy home in autumn and winter is great, but what about the summer months? In the UK we’ve experienced a gradual increase in our overall year-round average temperature by about a degree nationwide, mapped over a 30 year period. However the highest temperatures recorded during our hotter, drier summers have increased at a much more rapid rate, on average by as much as 1 degree centigrade each decade.

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So, is double glazing something that can help you to keep your home cooler in the increasingly hotter summer months?

Can Double Glazing Keep my Home Warm and Cool?

In one word, yes. Double glazing is so named because it features two panes of specially manufactured glass with a layer of air or argon gas sandwiched in between. The air/gas layer works to limit the rate at which warm air is conducted, achieving a reduction of around 67% and preventing heat transferring away from your home. Again, this is all well and good in frosty winters but can double glazing keep a house cool in summer?

Absolutely. The same process that stops you losing heat from inside to outside in winter, works in summer as well by limiting the hotter air outside from warming your home inside.

This dual benefit of controlling the movement of heat between indoor and outdoor environments is how double glazing can save you money on your fuel bills in the winter and keep your home cooler in the summer.

Although it seems counter intuitive, keeping your double glazed windows closed in very hot weather can actually make your home feel cooler.

If you do feel the need for more fresh air, almost all double glazed windows have the bonus of the trickle vent function that enables air to circulate if you want to keep the windows fully closed. Alternatively, the night vent option, also allows you to have windows partially open, by around one inch, to create air movement while the window remains securely locked.

What Other Benefits do Double Glazed Windows Offer in Summer?

Have you ever moved a chair, table, piece of art or a photograph away from its spot near a window and noticed an area of fading on the item, the woodwork or the soft furnishings? This colour change is a result of UV rays coming through the window whenever the sun shines and creating a bleaching effect. Although beautiful shafts of sunshine through a window are a sight to behold, they can actually cause permanent damage to your possessions and furniture. This is where another benefit of double glazing becomes apparent. By installing double glazed windows in your home, you’ll be actively limiting the amount of UV rays that can penetrate the glass, thereby minimising any fading and sun damage to your furniture, decor, curtains, carpets and rugs.

Off on holiday over the summer? Double glazed windows not only keep your house cooler, they will also ensure your home is safer and more secure; giving you greater peace of mind while you are away.

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At Majestic Designs all of our uPVC windows are designed and manufactured with security in mind. The windows and doors we install are internally beaded and multi-point Yale locking systems also guarantee that the windows and doors we install are as secure as possible. Our locks are always sourced from premium suppliers and manufacturers to ensure optimal quality and longevity.
Lovely weather and lighter evenings mean that more people are out enjoying their gardens and outside spaces during spring and summer. This can be wonderful if you are in the party spirit, but not so great if the neighbour’s gathering is loud, long and you need to get some rest. Double glazed windows block far more outside noise than traditional single paned glass, giving you much better sound insulation and more peace and quiet.

More Ways to Keep Your Rooms Cool in Summer

Alongside investing in double glazing to help you save money and regulate the internal temperature of your home, there are a few other tips and tricks you can use to keep your house cool when the temperature outside heats up.

  • Create Airflow – Invest in fans that cool air, rather than simply move hot air around. They are worth the initial outlay and are best purchased in the depths of winter when demand is low and prices might be more competitive.
  • Keep Windows Closed – This will stop warm air from entering and allow the double glazing to work its magic by minimising the transmission of heat from outside. Keeping blinds, shutters and curtains closed, especially in south facing rooms will also make a big impact on reducing the temperature inside.
  • Clever Light Switch – The majority of energy created by household light bulbs is actually emitted as heat. Making a switch to LED lightbulbs can dramatically reduce both the heat created within your home and your energy bill.

If you want to keep your home cooler this summer and are thinking of installing double glazing, we can help. At Majestic Designs, our expert team will guide and advise you on the best window and door solutions to meet your needs.

Give us a call today to book a consultation or to have an initial discussion with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

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