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Window energy ratings

energy rating

Living in a world of diminishing resources means we are all being asked to do our bit for the environment; and cut carbon emissions to mitigate the impact of changing weather patterns globally.

What we do individually to help the environment may seem like moving ‘deck chairs on the titanic’ but the reality is that every little helps, and going green can make a big difference. Which is why this is an issue we take seriously at Majestic.

There is also a financial benefit. Our energy saving double glazing windows, doors and conservatories will help you to reduce your energy bills. They will also increase its comfort and reduce the impact of external noise.

Energy rating scheme

In the double glazing industry, there is a window energy rating scheme which checks the energy efficiency of double glazing. You may be familiar with it, having seen a similar one used on appliances such as your washing machine. An ‘A+’ rating is the highest achievable score.

You can buy ‘A+’ rated double glazing windows from Majestic, that will increase the energy efficiency of your home, improve its comfort and save on your bills too.

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