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Based in Cheddar, Majestic Designs (UK) Ltd is one of Somerset's highly recommended double glazing specialists.

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    uPVC & Aluminium Casement Windows

    uPVC & aluminium casement windows are the most consistently popular window choice for UK homeowners. With purpose-made casement windows from Majestic Designs, you get high quality, great value, and virtually maintenance-free windows designed to complement your property’s style and character.

    Every casement window is designed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories in Somerset, using only materials of the highest quality and come with a government-endorsed 10-year guarantee. And every casement window from Majestic Designs has an energy-efficiency rating of A+14 as standard, ensuring your home stays warmer for longer while using less energy.

    Get inspired with stylish casement windows and find the perfect style for you and your home

    Making their first appearance in the 18th century, traditional casement windows have kept their popularity through the ages and remain the first choice window style for many homeowners today. But while the looks of a casement window have largely remained unchanged over the years, the materials used to make them have evolved completely.

    With frames historically made from cast iron, it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that wooden frames took over to become the standard frame material. But the decorative glazing bars used in casement windows we still recognise today actually served a purpose and held smaller panes of glass together to create one larger window.

    Today, while manufacturing methods and materials have changed, the classic casement window style is as popular as ever. They’re an incredibly versatile window that fit comfortably in almost all types and style of home, both modern and traditional. And thanks to modern technology and equipment, uPVC and aluminium casement windows provide the best energy and thermal-efficiency without compromising on traditional style.

    Our casement windows are available in a variety of configurations and opening options and are completely customisable to meet your home’s style and your personal requirements. Whether you live in a traditional countryside cottage or a modern new build home, our casement windows can be manufactured to even the most diverse specifications. And you can choose your window’s colour and hardware as well, giving you complete personalisation throughout your home.

    Choosing the ideal casement windows for your home has never been easier and with over 19 years’ trading experience, we’ve successfully completed thousands of casement window installations across Somerset. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories by our expert team, the 10-year guarantee we give you on all of our casement windows means classic style is always backed up by modern high standards and efficiency.

    Energy Efficiency

    A+14 energy rated casement windows

    All windows are rated using the WER (Window Energy Rating) scale. The scale runs from A-G, with A+ and above the highest performing. The WER is based on the window’s U-value, solar heat gain value, and overall insulating capacity. The quality of the glazing, frame, and installation all affect the window’s performance.

    Casement windows from Majestic Designs feature warm edge thermal spacer bars and argon gas sealed units. This helps them to achieve a WER of A+14. They are BBA (British Board of Agrément) accredited for their excellent durability, energy efficient, and weather resistance.

    Majestic Designs energy rating

    Key Features

    Attractive and high performing casement windows

    • A+14 Window Energy Rating
    • Energy efficient Planitherm glass
    • Multi-point Yale locks
    • Low maintenance, durable uPVC
    • 10-year guarantee
    • Range of heritage and woodgrain frames



    White Woodgrain


    Chartwell Green

    Irish Oak

    Golden Oak


    French Grey

    Anthracite Grey



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      Glass Options

      Textured glass options

      Textured or obscure glass provides privacy without limiting natural light intake. It’s the ideal choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and entrance door panels.












      Further Information

      Energy Efficient casement windows

      To make sure you’re getting the most energy-efficient windows you can, every double glazed window is given a rating based on the Window Energy Rating (WER) scale. Using an alphabetical scale from A-G, where A is the highest performing to G which is the lowest performing, the rating is based on several different criteria, including each window’s:

      • U-value
      • Solar heat gain value
      • Thermal efficiency

      The scale is designed to ensure you can choose the most thermally and energy-efficient window glass so you can save money on your energy bills, save money, and protect the environment after you install them.

      Every window manufactured for you by Majestic Designs has been rated this way and we’ve been given an exceptional rating of A+14 as standard on every window, so you can benefit from a warmer and more efficient home. We’re also certified by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) for the overall energy performance, weather resistance, and durability of each window.

      With these two achievements combined, you can be sure you’re getting the very best windows for your home.

      Aluminium casement windows

      Our lightweight aluminium casement windows are designed and manufactured using super-slimline frames, letting more natural light into your home with expansive views. Giving you a totally sleek, modern, and contemporary finish, the aluminium finish can transform your home.

      Aluminium frames also have an exceptional life expectancy. Lasting up to 30 years, they’re durable, strong, and able to withstand the harshest of weathers with virtually no maintenance. And even though aluminium is metal, which is a poor insulator, aluminium frames are fitted with a ‘thermal break’ which gives you added insulation and helps eliminate heat loss.

      And while aluminium is a low-cost, highly-used material, it’s also a sustainable metal making it environmentally-friendly and easily recyclable so it can be used again and again without losing any of its strength.

      uPVC casement windows

      uPVC is the most common frame material for casement windows, but though it’s common, it’s qualities and credentials mean it’s a highly successful material for window frames. Over the years, uPVC has developed to give your home even better energy-efficiency, security, and durability and ensuring its popularity continues.

      As part of the double glazing window glass, each uPVC casement window is fitted with warm edge thermal spacer bars and Argon gas and air-filled gaps between the panes to help reach and maintain our A+14 energy rating. But there’s also reinforced and welded joints to help increase thermal performance and reduce outside noise.

      And if white’s not right for your home, then Majestic Designs can offer you a range of colours to suit your personality and your home’s style. We also offer several woodgrain finishes that offer you all the looks of traditional natural wood, but with all the benefits of a state-of-the-art material.

      Types of casement windows

      When is a window not just a window? When it’s a casement window. Whether you choose uPVC or aluminium windows for your home, they offer incredible versatility for any home and practical requirement. Casement windows also give you a wide range of styles and types to choose from. These can include:


      Side-hung: The casement hinges are fixed to either of the sides of the casement allowing the window to open a full 90º outwards. They can also be paired with a top-hung casement window.

      Top-hung: Where the window is hinged at the top of the casement allowing it, more often than not, to open outwards. These often smaller windows can be paired with a side-hung casement window beneath it.

      Fixed: A fixed casement window can be used as a purely decorative feature, perhaps to take advantage of a view or to offer more light in a darker room or corner, but can’t be opened. These can be almost any shape or size and can be practical or used as a statement piece in your home.


      Traditional: More traditional styles of casement window will often feature glazing bars or a leaded finish to give windows more authentic character for older or period properties. The addition of these bars can give an obstructed view out.

      Modern: Modern casement windows are usually installed without any glazing bars or leaded finishes, giving them a more contemporary feel while also giving you an unobstructed view out and letting more light in.

      Georgian: For an exceptional period finish, Georgian casement windows have a distinctive style thanks to narrow glazing bars used to divide the window into six or more panes.


      What is a casement window?

      A casement window is a name for a standard window that’s typically hinged on the long, side edge to open either inwards or outwards. But because they’re such a versatile window style, casement windows can also be designed and made with hinges at the top or bottom of the window. They can also be made in a Tilt and Turn variation, with both side hinging, for maximum inward opening and, bottom hinging to ‘tilt’ inwards for subtle ventilation. They can also be fixed to give the style of a casement window, but without any opening options.

      What is a flush casement window?

      While there are no real variations between a standard casement window and a flush casement window in how they work, the difference is purely visual. Flush casements are designed, as the name suggests, to sit flush within the frame, so the overall frame surface is flat and smooth. Standard casement windows will have a ‘lipped fitting’ which means the casement (the part you open) sits just proud of the main window frame. Despite these differences of style, either option will give you the same energy-efficient and secure finish.

      What are casement windows used for?

      As a highly popular window style, casement windows are used in almost every home. With the option to open up fully or just a crack, they’re a great source of easy ventilation. You’ll find casement windows can be used in almost every room in your home where ventilation is either wanted – including living rooms and bedrooms – or definitely required – such as kitchens and bathrooms. And because of their wide opening ability, they can be angled to catch a breeze so it’s deflected directly inside – but with stainless steel friction hinges, the window will stay in the position you want it, without blowing wider open or closed.

      What are the advantages of casement windows?

      Part of the reason why casement windows are so popular is they offer more than other types of window and their advantages make them a more practical and versatile option.

      They also offer incredible thermal and energy-efficiency and both uPVC and aluminium frames are virtually maintenance-free. So casement windows are capable of giving you everything you need from a window.

      Do casement windows have to be white?

      While many uPVC casement windows you’ll see will be in standard white, this certainly isn’t the only colour option. Majestic Designs can offer you a whole range of hard-wearing colours to match your home’s surroundings or its architectural style. Our range of heritage colours gives you plenty of choice to match your own taste, including Chartwell Green, Irish Oak and several woodgrain-effect finishes. Even our aluminium casement windows can be powder coated for a bespoke colour finish that provides incredible resilience against all weathers and should last for over 20 years.

      Which material is better for casement windows?

      Both uPVC and aluminium are exceptional materials for your casement windows and both have fantastic capabilities for thermal and energy-efficiency. Both options are also tough, strong, and resilient to extreme weather conditions and will suit both modern and traditional homes. Whilst there is no right answer as to which material is better, both have outstanding qualities and your choice could just come down to your budget and taste.

      What size casement windows should I have?

      There is no industry-standard size for casement windows because most homes can differ greatly in terms of age, style, and design. If you’re replacing your old windows, you have the opportunity to install new aluminium or uPVC casement windows to suit your own dimensions and requirements. While ready-made windows are available in common sizes, there may be obstacles to overcome when they’re fitted as your window opening may be slightly wider or deeper. At Majestic Designs, all our uPVC and aluminium casement windows are custom-designed and precision-made to your own specifications for a truly bespoke finish.

      Are casement windows secure?

      In a word, yes – uPVC and aluminium casement windows from Majestic Designs are incredibly secure and are designed to give you security and peace of mind in your own home. Together with strengthened double glazing, we use high-quality multi-point locking systems in our casement windows. We also use stainless steel friction hinges as well as internal beading which can’t be attacked from the outside.

      Customer Testimonials

      “The fitting team were a credit. Clean, efficient and pleasant to know. Site left in a very clean state. Thank you.”

      “All round excellent service. Used you in our previous home and was delighted with both installations you have done for us. Thank you.”

      “I cannot fault anything & best thing I ever did. I am relieved & happy that I have attractive doors & windows. Thank you.”

      “Thank you!”

      Local area installations

      Serving clients across Somerset and the South West

      Majestic Designs install quality double glazing products throughout Somerset. From Taunton to Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare to Wells; our insistence on quality installations and outstanding customer care remains the same. With our factories and showroom in Cheddar, we are conveniently located in the heart of Somerset, with easy access to the surrounding towns and villages. As part of the local community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers and by employing a local workforce we are investing in the future prosperity of the area.

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