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Based in Cheddar, Majestic Designs (UK) Ltd is one of Somerset's highly recommended double glazing specialists.

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    Bifold Doors in uPVC & Aluminium

    Engineered with minimal hardware and large, uninterrupted panes of glass, bifold doors are an innovative, modern entranceway that can elevate your home with understated class and style.

    Bifold doors from Majestic Designs are high performing and energy-efficient, with durable weather seals, internal beading and modern double-glazing technology. At Majestic Designs, our bifold doors achieve a rating of A+14 for optimal energy efficiency, saving you the hassle of costly utility bills. Our range of bifolding doors insulate your home from the elements, withstanding even the harshest of weather without rusting, warping or deteriorating over time.

    Suitable for installation in both contemporary and traditional properties, bifold doors are available in your choice of uPVC or aluminium. Manufactured to your exact specifications in our state-of-the-art factories right here in Somerset, your bespoke bifold doors are available in a variety of different colours to match both the aesthetics of your home and your own personal tastes.

    Bespoke bifolding doors

    Open up your home with bifold doors

    Designed to maximise natural light in your home, bifold doors have the unique ability of folding back on themselves. Unlike traditional patio doors, bifold doors open in a zig-zag style. Folding neatly flat when fully open, bifold doors allow for 90% accessibility.

    Bifold doors create a large entranceway that increases accessibility to your garden, patio and other outside spaces. Operating smoothly along a durable aluminium track, the wide accessway your bespoke bifold doors will create offers a wide uninterrupted panoramic view of your exterior spaces. When open, bifold doors also serve as an impressive centrepiece for your barbeques and garden parties. Throw your bifold doors back in the summertime to create a seamless transition between your home and garden, perfect for both large social gatherings and more intimate occasions. Simply throw your bifold doors back and enjoy the much revered indoor-outdoor flow.

    In contrast during the cooler winter months, innovative energy-efficient technology will keep your home warm and dry with modern double glazing and weather seal gaskets. Open your bifolding door a fraction for a cool breeze or seal your property completely from adverse weather while you cosy up inside. Bifold doors maximise natural light by essentially turning an entire wall of your home into a bespoke combination between a window and a door.

    Energy Efficiency

    Optimising your home's performance

    uPVC & aluminium bifold doors are innovative and high performing. They are made from energy efficient uPVC or aluminium frames featuring durable weather proof seals. With bifold doors you'll soon benefit from a warmer, more energy efficient home.

    Energy efficiency

    Key Features

    Bifold door benefits

    • Up to A+14 rated for energy efficiency
    • Thermally efficient design
    • Aluminium track for smooth operation
    • High security Yale locking system
    • Available with dual colouring
    • Wide opening capacity



    White Woodgrain


    Chartwell Green

    Irish Oak

    Golden Oak


    French Grey

    Anthracite Grey



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      Further Information

      Energy-efficient bifold doors

      To ensure our customers are purchasing the most energy-efficient windows and doors possible, double glazed windows are given a rating on the Window Energy Rating (WER) scale. Using an alphabetical scale, with A being the best possible rating, the WER scale is based on:

      • U-Value
      • Solar Heat Gain Value
      • Thermal Efficiency

      This scale ensures you are choosing windows and doors that will keep your family warm and dry. At Majestic Designs, our windows and doors are engineered with energy efficiency and thermal retention in mind. We deliver an A+14 rating across our entire range, and our aluminium bifold doors have a U energy rating of up to 1.6 W/m2K.

      Your choice of uPVC or aluminium

      Bifold doors at Majestic Designs are engineered right here in Somerset, in our state-of-the-art factories. Manufactured to your exact specifications, our fully employed leading teams of FENSA accredited and MTC registered installers will guide you through your project from consultation to installation. Your bifold door will feature a durable aluminium track. You will also have a choice between a uPVC frame or an aluminium frame. There are benefits to both materials, so it comes down to a matter of taste as well as your unique property specifications.

      Aluminium bifold doors

      If you’re looking for a modern and durable alternative to uPVC, aluminium may be the solution you’re looking for. Modern aluminium windows and doors are sturdy yet lightweight; slim yet incredibly robust.

      Gone are the days where aluminium produced draughty windows and doors with visually unappealing aesthetics. These days thanks to industry advancements, aluminium windows and doors are slim and modern and are revered for high energy efficiency ratings. With the correct hardware, your aluminium bifold doors can achieve U ratings of up to 1.6 W/m2K.

      Like uPVC, aluminium is also a great insulator against adverse weather conditions and noise pollution. It’s also incredibly strong and will keep your home safe and secure for decades to come with a life expectancy of 30 to 40 years.

      uPVC bifold doors

      uPVC, also known as un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride, is one of the most popular materials for windows and doors on the market today. Resilient even in the most adverse weather conditions, uPVC bifold doors are virtually maintenance-free.

      Durable whatever the season with a life span of up to 20 years, your uPVC bifold doors will not warp, rust or rot. When engineered correctly, uPVC is also a great insulator against the elements as well as noise pollution. If you live near a busy road then uPVC windows and doors can bring peace and quiet to your interior living spaces.

      When it comes to a total refurbishment project or even a new build, Majestic Designs offers a range of doors available in uPVC. Our range of uPVC doors are engineered with durability and security in mind. Fitted with multi-point locking systems, your uPVC door will insulate your home from both adverse weather and unwelcome intruders for decades to come.

      Stable doors

      Packed with traditional charm and character, uPVC stable doors feature two-door halves that operate independently from one another. Locked together, your uPVC stable door will function as a regular door. However, unlocked you can leave the top half open and the bottom half closed. As a result, you get the best of both worlds, ensuring your children and pets are kept safe inside your home while still allowing for superb air ventilation. Like uPVC bifold doors, our range of stable doors are low maintenance with top-notch security and insulation.

      Patio doors

      For a classic and understated finish, uPVC patio doors offer uninterrupted views of your garden with large panes of double-glazed glass and minimal hardware. Much like our range of bifold doors, uPVC patio doors create a seamless transition between the interior of your home and your garden, patio or entertainment area.

      Patio doors are also available from Majestic Designs in robust aluminium.

      French doors

      uPVC French doors are an excellent way to maximise natural light in your home with a classic and elegant style. Ideal for installation in both traditional and contemporary homes, uPVC French doors can be used as an entranceway into your garden or conservatory.

      Composite doors

      As well as uPVC doors, Majestic Designs also engineers resilient and aesthetically pleasing composite doors.

      If you’re looking for a sleek and attractive door, then composite may be the answer. Composite doors are comprised of a combination of different materials including timber and uPVC. One of the most popular door types on the market, composite doors are fully customisable and are engineered with your property’s unique specifications in mind.

      At Majestic Designs, we install Endurance composite doors. Endurance composite doors have a reputation for resilience and strength and have been known to even withstand repeated attacks with a sledgehammer!

      The lifestyle benefits of bifold doors

      Bifold doors are designed specifically to maximise natural light and create a seamless transition between your home and garden. The end result is a captivating and elegant centrepiece for large social occasions in the summertime.

      In the winter, cosy up by your bifold door with a novel and a cup of tea safe in the knowledge your home is well insulated from damp, mould or any other effects of adverse weather. Opening your bifold door even a fraction is also an option if you want to allow fresh air into your home.

      Above all else, bifold doors can enhance the visual aesthetics of your property. Beautifully designed, modern, elegant and practical, bifold doors are sure to increase the value of your property.

      Utilise your space

      One of the reasons bifold doors have become so popular in recent years is the desire by homeowners to utilise space in their properties. Bifold doors can be engineered to fold inwards or outwards depending on the size and shape of your home and can be manufactured with as many as seven leaves. Fully customisable in terms of style, design and colour, when folded back bifold doors sit neatly to one side completely out of the way. While bifold doors tend to take up an entire wall on installation, the benefits of natural light, indoor-outdoor flow and space used far outweighs the cons.

      Bespoke windows

      For a total refurbishment, Majestic Designs also offers a range of bespoke windows with options in both uPVC and aluminium. We offer a 10-year guarantee with an A+14 rating on the WER scale across our range of windows. Suitable in both traditional and contemporary homes, our windows come in a range of different styles and colours to match your new bifold doors the aesthetics of your property.


      What is a bifold door?

      A bifold door is a series of ‘leaves’ or large panes of glass carefully engineered together to fold back on themselves. Think of a curtain manufactured from durable uPVC or aluminium. Bifold doors slide open in a zig-zag fashion, almost like a concertina or an accordion, to sit flat against your walls.

      A bifold door is comprised of two or more ‘leaves’. The number of leaves your bifold door will have will depend on the width of your wall, with the opportunity to install up to seven leaves depending on your property’s unique specifications.

      Bifold doors are often installed as an entranceway between your home and garden but also feature inside domestic properties for the purpose of dividing two rooms. Bifold doors usually come in pairs, dividing in the centre with your ‘leaves’ folding back to either side of the opening.

      How much do bifold doors cost?

      The cost of your bifold doors depends on both your own personal tastes and specifications. No two projects are the same so for an exact quote, it’s best to contact the team at Majestic Designs. We’ll run through your project with you and discuss what goals you have in mind, then give you a figure based on your unique tastes and the specifications of your property.

      Will my bifold door open inwards or outwards?

      Bifold doors can be installed in most homes. You will have a choice of an inward or outward fold. Regardless of your property’s exact specifications such as size or space available, you can rest assured your bifold doors will be unique to your home.

      Do my bifold doors have to be white?

      Contrary to popular belief, your bifold doors don’t have to be white. Depending on the material you choose, you will have a variety of different colours to choose from. Dual colouring is also available for a truly bespoke finish. For a truly modern flourish, there’s French or Anthracite Grey. For an aesthetic veering towards country charm, you could always go for Chartwell Green or Rustic Cherry. There’s an option for every homeowner.

      Will my bifold doors be secure?

      Bifold doors are just as secure as patio doors or French doors and will be engineered for stability, resilience and security.

      Modern bifold doors are incredibly robust, with double glazing that is almost impenetrable, internal beading and a durable frame that would make an awful lot of noise if unwelcome intruders were to attempt to remove your door from its aluminium track.

      Bifold doors also feature multi-point locking systems and are manufactured from only the highest quality materials. At Majestic Designs, our range of bifold doors are engineered with high-security Yale locking systems, so you can rest assured your property will be kept safe and secure.

      Customer Testimonials

      “The fitting team were a credit. Clean, efficient and pleasant to know. Site left in a very clean state. Thank you.”

      “All round excellent service. Used you in our previous home and was delighted with both installations you have done for us. Thank you.”

      “I cannot fault anything & best thing I ever did. I am relieved & happy that I have attractive doors & windows. Thank you.”

      “Thank you!”

      Local area installations

      Serving clients across Somerset and the South West

      Majestic Designs install quality double glazing products throughout Somerset. From Taunton to Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare to Wells; our insistence on quality installations and outstanding customer care remains the same. With our factories and showroom in Cheddar, we are conveniently located in the heart of Somerset, with easy access to the surrounding towns and villages. As part of the local community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers and by employing a local workforce we are investing in the future prosperity of the area.

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