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    Composite doors

    Attractive. Practical. Secure. You can’t go wrong with a composite door.

    Combining sleek, modern aesthetics with optimal security, composite doors have become an increasingly popular option on the entrance door market in recent years and are revered for delivering timeless elegance to residential properties as well as optimal energy efficiency ratings.

    With a composite door, you can combine the traditional aesthetics of a beautiful, wood-grained timber door with modern benefits such as security and thermal retention. Immediately recognisable from their stylish design and bright, bold colour, composite doors offer superb insulation and resistance to the elements.

    Offering premium security and energy efficiency, you can rest assured your home will remain safe and secure from both unwelcome intruders and the effects of adverse weather. Highly desirable and aesthetically stylish, composite doors can also increase the value and ‘curb appeal’ of your property.

    Composite doors for all property types

    Strong, secure, and durable

    Majestic Designs is an official installer of the Endurance composite door. Virtually maintenance-free, Endurance composite doors feature a solid timber core surrounded by resilient, thermoplastic skin. The timber core of an Endurance composite door measures a solid 48mm, making it up to 10% thicker than most other doors on the market. Endurance composite doors also feature an ATK 3 star diamond locking system, which is one of the most secure multi-lock mechanisms in the UK and have been given a diamond grading by Sold Secure. Revered for durability and accredited by Secure by Design, you can rest assured your composite door will keep your family safe and secure for decades to come.

    Featuring a strong interior with excellent energy efficiency ratings, the exterior finish to a composite door is both durable and long-lasting. From contemporary, urban designs to classic and traditional aesthetics, composite doors are visually customisable with various styles and hardware options available. Endurance composite doors boast over 60 possible unique designs so whatever the aesthetics of your property or your personal tastes, your composite door will be engineered to your exact specifications for a truly unique finish.

    Energy Efficiency

    Creating a warmer, more efficient home

    Composite doors are constructed using a combination of materials. This helps a building to retain heat and create a warmer living area.

    Their energy efficient uPVC frames enable our composite doors to achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency. Their weather proof seal also improves insulation further enhancing their energy efficient capacity.

    Composite door energy efficiency

    Key Features

    Composite door features

    • Over 60 door style choices
    • Secured by Design accreditation
    • ATK 3 star diamond locking system
    • A range of hardware options
    • A variety of glazing including top lights and side panels
    • Superb weather resistance


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      Further Information

      Endurance composite doors at Majestic Designs

      Majestic Designs boasts a fully employed leading team of highly trained FENSA accredited and MTC registered installers. With a wealth of experience and expertise, you can rest assured our knowledgeable team will be available on call from consultation to installation. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure your new Endurance composite door is installed to the highest possible standard.

      Bespoke composite doors

      Endurance composite doors are engineered to the exact specifications of your home for a bespoke finish. With a number of different colours, hardware and styles to choose from, you can rest assured you will achieve a look truly unique to your property.

      Energy efficient composite doors

      Composite doors deliver excellent energy efficiency and thermal retention ratings. The Endurance composite door is one of the most energy-efficient composite doors on the market, featuring a low U-value of 1.6Wm2K and a robust, insulating timber core. Endurance composite doors are also engineered with a unique moisture barrier of bonded cellular PVC which is designed to keep your home warm and dry in even the most adverse of weather conditions.

      Noise insulation

      Composite doors are not only excellent at maintaining optimal energy efficiency, but also for insulating your home against noise pollution. Whether you’re living near a busy main road or are working night shifts and need a bit of peace and quiet, your new composite door will keep the atmosphere of your home tranquil and relaxing.

      Secured by Design accredited

      Secured by Design is an official initiative run by the UK Police with the aim of reducing crime. The scheme seeks to improve the physical security of buildings by working closely with individuals from the construction industry, building developers, registered housing associations and of course local authorities. Since being established in 1989, over one million homes in the UK have been built to a Secured by Design standard.

      Endurance composite doors are accredited by Secured by Design, so you can rest assured your home will be safe and secure from unwelcome intruders.

      uPVC door vs composite door

      A uPVC door is made from Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Cost-effective and relatively low maintenance, modern uPVC doors are usually engineered with a galvanized steel core and as a result, are highly secure. Manufactured for optimal insulation against the elements, uPVC doors are excellent insulators and can save you the hassle of costly energy bills.

      Like a uPVC door, composite doors are engineered with a strong core that is highly secure. In contrast, composite doors usually feature a durable timber core. Composite doors have a longer life span than uPVC and are expected to last for at least 35 years.

      Maintenance-free composite door

      Composite doors are virtually maintenance-free. Endurance specifically advises against using abrasive cleaning materials, recommending a soft cloth and a bucket of mild, soapy water. By gently wiping down your composite door, you will avoid accidentally scratching and damaging the laminate that protects your door and shortens its overall life span. While Endurance composite doors remain impressively low maintenance compared to other composite doors on the market, your door will continue elevating your home with optimal insulation, security and style.

      For more information about caring for your composite door, you can have a look at the aftercare guide on the Endurance website.

      Different styles of composite doors

      Endurance composite doors are available in three different collections. Each collection features a different aesthetic to match the unique specifications of your home and your own personal tastes.

      Classic collection

      If you’re looking to elevate your home with classic aesthetics then the Classic Collection, inspired by the Georgian and Victorian era, is for you.

      Urban collection

      If you’re hoping to elevate your home with modern aesthetics, then the Urban Collection is for you. The Urban Collection features clean lines and contemporary style that are suitable in both traditional and modern homes alike. You can even enhance the ‘curb appeal’ of your property even further with bold colours.

      Country collection

      The Country Collection features a range of traditional styles that emulate country charm. Engineered in a range of traditional shiplap styles, you will have a choice of a number of beautiful, classic colours such as Chartwell Green. Perhaps most pertinent, the Country Collections allows you to retain classic aesthetics without compromising on the benefits modern composite doors have to offer such as optimal energy efficiency and premier security.

      Customise your composite door

      Endurance composite doors are custom made to your exact specifications. You will have a range of different styles to choose from, with various colours and hardware options also available. As a result, your composite door will be truly unique to your property and your own personal tastes.

      Endurance composite doors also offer a range of triple glazed glass designs to further insulate your property. These options can be viewed on the HomeView Designer Tool on the Endurance website.

      Caring For Your Composite Door

      Composite doors by Endurance

      At Majestic Designs, our range of composite doors are engineered by Endurance – the leading manufacturer of composite doors here in the UK. Visually elegant and undeniably strong with a durable timber core, Endurance composite doors are low maintenance with a long life span and require very little TLC.

      To keep your composite door looking good as new, you might like to give it a light clean with mild, soapy water every once in a while. You should avoid abrasive cleaners, as they can damage your door’s thermoplastic skin.

      For more information about caring for your composite door, have a look at the informative aftercare guide on the Endurance website.


      What is a composite door?

      A composite door is designed to look like a traditional timber door but is actually comprised of a number of different materials for optimal strength and durability. By combining a selection of different materials, the door will be stronger than its individual components.

      Composite doors have become increasingly popular in the UK in recent years, revered for security, resilience to the elements and of course, for the beautiful wood grain finish.

      Composite doors have a life span of up to 35 years and require minimal maintenance. Perhaps most pertinent, a composite door can enhance the ‘curb appeal’ of your property with bold style in whatever aesthetic you fancy.

      Are composite doors secure?

      Composite doors feature a strong timber core and modern multi-point locking mechanisms. Virtually impenetrable, you can rest assured your new composite door will keep your home safe and secure from unwelcome intruders.

      Engineered with strength and durability in mind, Endurance composite doors are so resilient they’ve proven to withstand repeated attacks with a sledgehammer. Most composite doors, including Endurance, are also accredited by Secured by Design, meaning your new entranceway has been given the tick of approval by the UK Police Service for its durability, strength and security.

      Does my composite door have to be a front entrance?

      Composite doors are not limited to installation as your front entrance. Composite doors also make excellent entrances into your garden or patio, meaning the back entrance of your home can be just as stylish, secure and durable as your front entrance.

      Revered for strength and durability, you can customise your composite door to suit the aesthetics of your outside area. Choose a traditional stable door from the Country Collection for a homely vibe or select a modern door from the Urban collection for a contemporary entertaining area.

      Does my composite door have to be white?

      Contrary to popular belief, your front door doesn’t have to be white. You will also have a choice of 16 different colours with matching frames and glazing. For a traditional look, opt for a beautiful classic finish such as Golden Oak, or for a splash of colour choose Rich Red or Chartwell Green. For a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic, you could go for a Rosewood or Racing Green. Of course, there’s also plenty of country charm to go around with colours such as Irish Oak and Walnut.

      What kind of timber will my composite door have?

      An Endurance composite door features a solid timber core engineered from Kerto Laminated Veneer Lumber. Comprised of 17 laminations, the layers of timber are ‘cross layered’ to create a solid, secure inner core that is also resistant to bowing or warping.

      Do composite doors warp?

      Your Endurance composite door will not warp over time, nor will it discolour, fade or rot.

      While the elegant wood grain finish of Endurance composite doors will give your home a traditional flourish, you will benefit from the modern conveniences of low maintenance and a long life span. Endurance composite doors are specifically manufactured with a unique barrier system designed to prevent the build-up of moisture in your property. This prevents your composite door from swelling, sticking due to excess damp and other issues that plague traditional timber doors.

      Will my composite door fade?

      Engineered with a tough, thermoplastic outer skin, your composite door will not fade regardless of adverse weather. This resilient exterior layer prevents discolouring from harsh sunlight, as well as rot and mould. Your composite door will last for decades to come, maintaining high levels of security and energy efficiency as well as its stylish good looks.

      Can I paint my composite door?

      Endurance doesn’t recommend painting your composite door – and you shouldn’t have to. Endurance composite doors have a life expectancy spanning decades and feature laminated skin that protects and strengthens your door. As well as the beautiful woodgrain effect, your door will also be practically maintenance-free. Stripping your door back and painting it could compromise its insulating properties and shorten its life span.

      How does an aluminium door compare to a composite door?

      Both aluminium and composite doors are revered for providing optimal energy efficiency ratings to residential homes. Highly secure with a long-life expectancy, at the end of the day it comes down to the aesthetics of your property and your own personal tastes. Composite doors are engineered to replicate the aesthetics of a woodgrain timber door while aluminium can give your home a modern, contemporary feel depending on the style you choose.

      Are composite doors worth it?

      Composite doors can elevate your home with the elegant, understated aesthetics of a traditional wooden door. Durable and stylish with a life expectancy spanning at least 35 years, composite doors offer excellent value for money.

      Composite doors require little to no maintenance, do not warp, bow or rot, and are highly secure and energy-efficient. You will also benefit from modern, energy-efficient technology that will insulate your home and save you the hassle of costly utility bills in the future.

      How to adjust composite door hinges?

      Over constant use, it is natural for your composite door to need some hinge adjustment. To keep your composite door in tip-top shape, all you will have to do is adjust the screws on the hinges or adjust the locking keeps from time to time. This means that your door will sit perfectly as it was installed to do and allows simple and efficient operation. The team at Majestic Designs can provide this service during the lifetime of your guarantee period.

      Customer Testimonials

      “The fitting team were a credit. Clean, efficient and pleasant to know. Site left in a very clean state. Thank you.”

      “All round excellent service. Used you in our previous home and was delighted with both installations you have done for us. Thank you.”

      “I cannot fault anything & best thing I ever did. I am relieved & happy that I have attractive doors & windows. Thank you.”

      “Thank you!”

      Local area installations

      Serving clients across Somerset and the South West

      Majestic Designs install quality double glazing products throughout Somerset. From Taunton to Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare to Wells; our insistence on quality installations and outstanding customer care remains the same. With our factories and showroom in Cheddar, we are conveniently located in the heart of Somerset, with easy access to the surrounding towns and villages. As part of the local community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers and by employing a local workforce we are investing in the future prosperity of the area.

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