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Based in Cheddar, Majestic Designs (UK) Ltd is one of Somerset's highly recommended double glazing specialists.

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    French doors

    Combining aesthetically traditional features and modern practicality, French doors remain a popular way of maximising natural light within traditional and contemporary homes alike. Engineered from durable uPVC, French doors benefit from modern energy-efficient technology and heightened security while still retaining the same timeless elegance of a bygone era.

    Resilient to adverse weather and highly secure, Majestic Designs engineers our range of uPVC French doors in our state-of-the-art factories right here in Somerset. A well-known fixture within our local community, our FENSA accredited and MTC registered leading teams of specialist installers have been delivering outstanding craftmanship and premier customer service for over 19 years. Our service is unparalleled and has earned us a reputation in Somerset as a leading manufacturer of bespoke windows and doors.

    Available in a range of different colours and styles, we customise your doors to the exact specifications of your property and your own unique tastes. Our range of uPVC French doors are durable with a long lifespan and require little to no maintenance. Ideal for providing access to outdoor areas such as a patio or balcony, French doors can also be installed as a grand entranceway into a home or conservatory and are sure to elevate your property with both timeless elegance and modern functionality.

    Fashionable French doors

    Understated style to suit any property

    Suitable for installation in both contemporary and traditional homes, French doors deliver understated elegance to any property regardless of style or age. An enduring style popularised during the Renaissance era; French doors became popular in European homes in the late 16th century. Initially used as accessways to patio areas or balconies, French doors would eventually become popular within private homes as a way of allowing natural light to flood through interior spaces. Natural light was especially important during this period, as electricity hadn’t been discovered yet. The glass panes now typical of a French door allowed homeowners to brighten their interior spaces naturally without artificial lighting.

    Available in a variety of different colours and styles, French doors remain a popular choice on the market for homeowners. The installation of French doors creates a wide vista when open and is ideal for stylishly accessing a conservatory or outdoor areas such as a patio or balcony. As a result, French doors can foster an almost seamless transition between internal and external living spaces in the summer. This creates the ideal entertainment area for large social occasions or smaller intimate events. In the cooler winter months, modern double glazing insulates your home from the elements while still allowing for maximum natural light.

    The perfect division between interior spaces, French doors can also be installed as a divider between a kitchen and a study, or a bedroom and a lounge for example. The ideal focal point within a home, the slim frames and wide glass panes of French doors allow natural light to flood your living spaces. In doing so, French doors can elevate your property with classic aesthetics reminiscent of continental Europe and classic architecture.

    Energy Efficiency

    Creating a warmer, more efficient home

    uPVC French doors are constructed using the latest advancements in technology. Their energy-efficient uPVC frames achieve excellent levels of energy efficiency while their weatherproof seal further improves insulation enhancing their energy efficient capacity.

    Energy efficiency

    Key Features

    uPVC French door benefits

    • Toughened safety glass as standard
    • Made to measure for the perfect fit
    • Energy efficient glazing
    • Multi-point locking system as standard
    • Government backed 10-year guarantee
    • Suitable for any style of home



    White Woodgrain


    Chartwell Green

    Irish Oak

    Golden Oak


    French Grey

    Anthracite Grey



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      Further Information

      Energy-efficient uPVC French doors

      At Majestic Designs, our range of uPVC French doors are engineered with energy efficiency in mind using high-quality materials and innovative technology. We manufacture our French doors with innovative weather-proof seals and modern double glazing to insulate your home against any kind of adverse weather. As a result, our range of uPVC French doors will work to keep your home warm and dry all year round, for years to come.

      Bespoke French doors

      At Majestic Designs, we engineer every order from scratch to our client’s exact specifications in our state-of-the-art factories. As a result, every order we receive is unique to a particular client and their property.

      uPVC French doors are available in a variety of different styles and colours. You will also have different hardware to choose from, resulting in a truly unique finish for your home.

      The lifestyle benefits of French doors

      Delivering an enduring sense of understated elegance and class to any property, French doors will never go out of fashion. Timeless, classic and reminiscent of a bygone era, there are many benefits to installing French doors in your property.

      Perhaps most pertinent is their unique ability to maximise natural light in your interior spaces without the need for artificial lighting. Even on the stormiest of days, French doors allow light to float seamlessly through your home from room to room.

      During the summer months, French doors can be opened to create a panoramic view of your outdoor spaces. Ideal for both large and intimate parties and social occasions, French doors also allow air to flow naturally through your property. During the chilly winter months, uPVC French doors insulate your home from the cold and damp. Engineered with weatherproof seals and modern double glazing, your home will still be flooded with natural light on even the stormiest of days without compromising on insulation or thermal retention.

      Suitable for any accessway

      French doors can be installed as a grand entranceway at the front of your home or as an accessway or backdoor to your rear garden or patio area. French doors are also commonly installed within the home as an accessway between living spaces. This is ideal for homes without a lot of natural light, as the glass panes of French doors allows for the brightening of living spaces without artificial lighting or the need for additional windows.

      Other uPVC doors

      uPVC is a popular material for use in windows and doors. Depending on your project, you might like to consider other uPVC doors for installation in your home.

      Patio doors

      With slim frames, minimal hardware and large, uninterrupted panes of double-glazed glass, patio doors remain an enduring choice for homeowners. Engineered from your choice of durable uPVC or stylish aluminium, patio doors are a simple yet stylish option for access into your garden, patio or balcony.

      Stable doors

      At Majestic Designs, we offer our range of stable doors in uPVC or as a composite door. Practical and oozing country charm, stable doors are suitable in both traditional and contemporary homes alike. Functioning with door halves that can operate independently or together, stable doors are great for bringing airflow into your home without allowing rodents and other pests in – or little ones out.

      Bifold doors

      Bifold doors are the ultimate in modern versatility. Available in both uPVC and aluminium, bifold doors fold back on themselves to slide effortlessly along a durable track. Folding almost like an accordion, this creates a wide, panoramic view of your outdoor areas. Whether that be a garden, a patio or a balcony, bifold doors create a harmonious space for social occasions in the warm summer months. Like uPVC French doors, bifold doors also maximise natural light all year round. This is especially pertinent during the cold winter months.


      What is uPVC?

      uPVC, also known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, is a durable, long-lasting building material that requires very little maintenance. Revered for its energy efficiency rating and an innate ability to insulate properties from even the most adverse of weather conditions when paired with the right seals, uPVC is one of the most popular materials on the market for use in domestic window fabrication. Delivering phenomenal strength and versatility to commercial and private properties alike, uPVC windows are a cost-effective solution to other frames manufactured from aluminium, steel and timber.

      How much will uPVC French doors cost?

      The cost of your installation will come down to the unique specifications of your property. For an accurate quote, it’s best to contact the team at Majestic Designs for an at-home consultation. Our specialist team can guide you through the installation process and answer any questions you may have, from consultation to the finished project.

      Will my French doors reduce exterior noise?

      If you live near a busy road or an area with high foot traffic, then you may be wondering if updating your windows and doors with uPVC could reduce exterior noise. Unless you live in the countryside, chances are you will be tolerating some level of noise pollution.

      uPVC is revered for insulating private homes against noise pollution as well the effects of adverse weather. uPVC French doors feature modern double glazing and weatherproof seals that effectively insulate your interior spaces.

      For additional insulation, you might also want to consider installing acoustic glass.

      How secure are uPVC French doors?

      Retaining high levels of security is a top priority for many of our clients. Our range of uPVC doors, including our bespoke French doors, are engineered with your safety in mind.

      As a default, we manufacture our range of doors with secure multi-point locking mechanisms. uPVC is also a highly durable and resilient material. Paired with modern double glazing, you can rest assured your uPVC French doors will keep you and your family safe and secure.

      Do my French doors have to be white?

      It’s easy to see why many homeowners choose white for their windows and doors. A timeless and elegant colour, white suits any home regardless of age or style. However, contrary to popular belief your uPVC French doors don’t have to be white.

      Our range of uPVC French doors are available in a variety of different colours. For a woodland cabin aesthetic, you could opt for Rosewood. Chartwell Green is ideal for that country cottage vibe, but for something a little more modern there’s also Anthracite Grey. French Grey is equally as modern but may suit a nautical theme as would Irish Oak. At the end of the day, the colour and style of your uPVC French doors will depend entirely on the aesthetics of your property and your own personal taste.

      Can I install matching uPVC windows?

      uPVC is also used in window fabrication, and with a lifespan of 20 years are a popular choice for homeowners. If you are installing new uPVC French doors, then you might like to consider refurbishing your windows at the same time to match. Like uPVC doors, our range of uPVC windows are available in a variety of different colours and styles. Engineered for optimal energy efficiency, whatever style you choose will be manufactured with durability and strength in mind.

      Majestic Designs are proud to deliver an A+14 rating on the WER (Window Energy Rating) scale across our range of windows. We also offer a 10-year guarantee.

      Casement windows

      An enduring choice of window for homeowners across the UK, uPVC casement windows offer a wide vista of your exterior spaces while also delivering optimal energy-efficiency ratings, heightened security and improved airflow.

      Flush casement windows

      Similar in style to casement windows, flush casement windows differ slightly by sitting ‘flush’ in their frame – hence the name. Flush casement windows can be installed in bay and bow windows and bring a classic twist to traditional and contemporary properties alike.

      Sash windows

      uPVC Vertical sliding sash windows combine traditional aesthetics with modern conveniences like energy-efficient technology, and as a result, are a great replacement for old timber windows. Retain the period aesthetics of your traditional home or add a historical flourish to your contemporary home, reminiscent of times gone by.

      Bay windows

      Our range of bay windows can elevate your home with natural light and elegant style. Square in shape, bay windows are iconic of Victorian Britain. However, the installation of a bay window in a contemporary home is equally suitable. Bay windows remain a popular choice for homeowners in the UK, revered for their innate ability to maximise interior space and enhance light within your home.

      As an alternative to bay windows, Majestic Designs offers a range of bow windows. Also known as a compass style window, bow windows are sleeker in shape than a traditional bay, and effortlessly complement traditional and contemporary properties alike.

      Tilt and Turn windows

      Combining easy operation and stylish aesthetics, tilt and turn windows deliver innovative dual-opening technology to the modern home. Versatile and practical, Tilt and Turn windows open two ways with a single, easy-to-use handle and are ideal for maximising airflow in your living spaces.

      Customer Testimonials

      “The fitting team were a credit. Clean, efficient and pleasant to know. Site left in a very clean state. Thank you.”

      “All round excellent service. Used you in our previous home and was delighted with both installations you have done for us. Thank you.”

      “I cannot fault anything & best thing I ever did. I am relieved & happy that I have attractive doors & windows. Thank you.”

      “Thank you!”

      Local area installations

      Serving clients across Somerset and the South West

      Majestic Designs install quality double glazing products throughout Somerset. From Taunton to Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare to Wells; our insistence on quality installations and outstanding customer care remains the same. With our factories and showroom in Cheddar, we are conveniently located in the heart of Somerset, with easy access to the surrounding towns and villages. As part of the local community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers and by employing a local workforce we are investing in the future prosperity of the area.

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