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Based in Cheddar, Majestic Designs (UK) Ltd is one of Somerset's highly recommended double glazing specialists.

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COVID-19 Update – In line with the latest government guidelines updated on the 4th January 2021 we are currently operational and open for business; we will be operating on a strict COVID-19 SECURE basis to protect both our staff and customers. Please read our COVID-19 Sales Safe Guide for more information.

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    Lean-To Conservatories

    Widely regarded as the most visually versatile design of conservatory and suitable for both contemporary and traditional homes alike, Lean-To Conservatories bring a distinct Mediterranean ambience to your home with an influx of natural light and a simple yet stylish design.

    With a single sloping roof and expansive panes of uninterrupted glass, Lean-To Conservatories are a sleek and stylish, cost-effective way of extending your home when your exterior space is limited without compromising on modern conveniences such as heightened security and energy efficiency. A Lean-To Conservatory offers a spacious, naturally light extension to your property that can be enjoyed all year round – rain or shine.

    When you need expert advice on your conservatory installation, Majestic Designs can guide you through the very best solutions for your property. We can advise on which style will best suit your home and show you designs based on both the aesthetics of your home and your own personal tastes.

    Let There Be Light

    Bespoke Lean-To Conservatories

    One of the most significant advantages of a Lean-To Conservatory is its natural ability to bring the internal spaces within your home together with your garden, patio, or other outside areas. This proximity cultivates a calmer atmosphere that is good for the mental health of you and your family. You’ll be able to open up your conservatory's doors to let more air into your house during the warmer summer months. This much revered ‘indoor-outdoor’ flow between your home and garden creates the perfect setting for large social occasions such as a summer barbecue and smaller events with your close family.

    With panoramic, double-glazed panes of glass, you’ll still be able to enjoy your garden from the comfort of your conservatory throughout the colder winter months. With cutting-edge thermal break seals, durable frames, and premium double glazing, you can rest assured your Lean-To Conservatory will protect your home and your family from the elements.

    At Majestic Designs, we engineer our range of Lean-To Conservatories in our state-of-the-art factories right here in the heart of Somerset. We’ve been designing, manufacturing, and installing Lean-To Conservatories for more than 19 years. Our FENSA accredited and MTC registered leading teams of expert installers boast a wealth of industry experience and knowledge, which over the years has earnt Majestic Designs a county-wide reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and approachable, professional customer service.

    Our conservatories are constructed from the highest-quality materials and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. The pitch of a Lean-To Conservatory can be altered to fit your home’s specific measurements, as well as your own personal tastes. All our conservatories are also double glazed with A+14 rated argon gas-filled sealed units as a standard. This ensures your conservatory retains warmth in the winter but stays cool in the summertime.

    Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficient lean-to conservatories

    uPVC lean-to conservatories are designed to improve your home's energy efficient. Their uPVC frames provide excellent levels of thermal efficiency and their argon gas filled sealed units further improve their insulation capacity.

    Energy efficiency

    Key Features

    Lean-to conservatories for your Somerset home

    • Up to A+14 rated glazing for energy efficiency
    • Thermally efficient design
    • Bespoke designed to meet your exact specifications
    • High security Yale locking system
    • Available in a variety of colours
    • Cost effective extension option



    White Woodgrain


    Chartwell Green

    Irish Oak

    Golden Oak


    French Grey

    Anthracite Grey



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    If you’d like to find out more about our range of products get in touch and we’ll send you a brochure. Simply give us a call on 01934 741 294 or fill out one of our online contact forms with your name and contact details. Our brochure is a great first step to get a feel for our products and the ethos behind how we work at Majestic Designs.

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      Glass Options

      Textured glass options

      Textured or obscure glass provides privacy without limiting natural light intake. It’s the ideal choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and entrance door panels.












      Further Information

      Energy-efficient Lean-To Conservatories

      Our bespoke Lean-To Conservatories are engineered with cutting-edge thermal break seals and modern double glazing. We also offer solar control glazing.

      With a long lifespan and an A+14 energy efficiency rating, you can rest assured your home will be protected from the elements for many years to come.

      Bespoke Conservatories

      At Majestic Designs, every order is created to order in our state-of-the-art factories to the precise specifications of our customers. As a result, every order we receive is customised to a client’s distinctive tastes and the aesthetics of their home. Our Lean-To Conservatories are available in a variety of styles. With a selection of colours and different hardware, we aim to make sure that every Lean-To Conservatory we design is distinctive and one of a kind.

      Secure Lean-To Conservatories

      Maintaining high levels of security is of the utmost importance to many modern homeowners. As a result, Majestic Designs engineers our range of Lean-To Conservatories with security and the safety of our customers in mind.

      Our range of conservatories are constructed with internal beading and secure multi-point locking mechanisms as a standard, so you can be sure your new conservatory won’t jeopardise the security of your home.

      The Lifestyle Benefits of Lean-To Conservatories

      When considering whether a Lean-To Conservatory is the correct choice for your home, there are a number of lifestyle advantages to take into account. A Lean-To Conservatory gives your home an additional, versatile space without the need for a full extension and can be used all year round. Throughout the cooler months, your conservatory will still benefit from natural light as a result of large double-glazed glass windows.

      A Lean-To Conservatory’s ability to seamlessly connect your indoor living spaces with your garden or patio area is perhaps its most important feature. In doing so, your Lean-To Conservatory can introduce the much-coveted indoor-outdoor flow to your home which can increase the value and ‘curb appeal’ of your property as well as bring you closer to your exterior spaces. During the warmer months, you’ll be able to throw the conservatory’s doors back, creating the ideal setting for a summer barbeque.

      Different Styles of Conservatories

      As well as our traditional Lean-To Conservatories, Majestic Designs also offers a number of other conservatory styles in a number of different colours and designs.

      Specialist & Bespoke Conservatories

      As the name suggests, our Specialist and Bespoke Conservatories are created, constructed, and installed to the precise requirements of our clients. Our bespoke conservatory service results in a truly distinctive finish for your home, regardless of whether you are looking for something a little different or simply have a difficult installation site.

      Edwardian Conservatories

      Our range of Edwardian Conservatories are perfect for homeowners looking to add a regal, vintage-inspired element to their home. Edwardian Conservatories, which include a square or rectangular base, a pitched glass roof, and expansive panes of modern double-glazed glass, offer homeowners an abundance of natural light and of course, the elegant, timeless beauty of the Edwardian architectural period.

      Victorian Conservatories

      Suitable in traditional and contemporary homes alike, a Victorian Conservatory features ornate styling with a sharp-angled roof. Perhaps most pertinent, Victorian Conservatories combine the grandeur of the Victorian era with modern conveniences such as heightened energy efficiency and security.

      Gable Conservatories

      With a tall, sloping roof and lots of glass, a Gable Conservatory is a striking style of conservatory that is sure to get the neighbours talking. Gable Conservatories are both aesthetically pleasing and versatile with high ceilings and clean, straight lines – making them suitable for both traditional and modern homes.


      What is the history of conservatories?

      Conservatories have a long and colourful history both here in the UK and abroad. Conservatories were originally built as separate structures to house plants that needed shelter from bad weather.

      The wealthy in the UK constructed the very first conservatories in the 16th century, which served as greenhouses. In the challenging British environment, conservatories were especially helpful for cultivating recently discovered citrus crops. The wealthy used their conservatories to cultivate lemons, limes, and oranges in addition to other imported fruits and flora.

      Lean-To Conservatories were especially popular. Often built against south-facing walls, the expansive panes of glass would maximise the heat from the sun while the opposing brick wall, facing north, would give protection against the cold British winds. Further insulation was often added to the north wall in winter using straw bales. In order to provide plants with maximum warmth and light during the shortest days of the year, many Lean-To Conservatories also had glass walls that sloped at an angle.

      The Glass House, built in 1637 at the Botanic Gardens of Oxford University using stone, slate, and glass, is the first conservatory known to have existed in Britain. There’s also The Nash Conservatory at London’s Kew Gardens which was initially built as one of two greenhouses for the Buckingham Palace grounds. It was later transported by King William IV to Kew in 1836, where it still stands proudly today, appreciated by both tourists and local residents alike.

      Additionally, there is the Chatsworth House Conservatory in Derbyshire, which has an iron frame and was built at some point between 1836 and 1841. The building of the conservatory at Chatsworth House would lead to a gradual increase in the popularity of conservatories among the Victorian aristocracy. The Crystal Palace, one of the most famous and regrettably short-lived conservatories ever constructed during the Victorian era, was created by Sir Joseph Paxton and featured 900,000 square feet of glass.

      At the beginning of the 20th century, the popularity of conservatories in the UK declined. This was mostly caused by the start of the First World War from 1915 to 1918 followed by World War II in 1939 which continued until 1945., During this time, conservatories were largely viewed as ostentatious and unnecessary.

      Following the end of World War II, conservatories became a well-liked and long-lasting addition to residential and commercial properties all across the UK as a result of the lower costs and greater accessibility to key building materials such as glass. The architectural design, functionality, and technology used for conservatories have also evolved significantly in recent years. Self-cleaning, double-glazed glass is now commonly used in the construction of modern conservatories, which also offer increased comfort, energy efficiency ratings, and security. Acoustic glass and solar control glazing are also common.

      How much will my Lean-To Conservatory cost?

      The cost of installing your Lean-To Conservatory will come down to the exact specifications of your home. Every order Majestic Designs receives is engineered from scratch, resulting in a truly bespoke finish for your home. With so many colours and designs available, it’s best to get in touch with the Majestic Designs team for an accurate quote. Before providing you with an estimate, our teams of FENSA accredited and MTC-registered lead installers can evaluate your property and walk you through the design and installation process.

      Will my conservatory reduce exterior noise?

      Your Lean-To Conservatory will be engineered with double glazing, internal beading, and innovative waterproof seals, among other modern comforts. As a result, your conservatory will be insulated from any noise pollution you might typically hear as well as protected from the impacts of any inclement weather. If you live next to a busy street or are used to hearing a lot of food traffic, you can rest assured your conservatory will be a peaceful oasis.

      Your windows and doors can also be renovated if you’re looking to reduce exterior noise. You might want to think about installing new windows and/or doors, or even acoustic glass for an additional layer of defence.

      Does my conservatory have to be white?

      White is one of the most popular colours at Majestic Designs. It’s simple to see why – it’s classic, contemporary and fits with a variety of different architectural styles. However, your conservatory doesn’t have to be white if you’re after something a little different!

      The team at Majestic Designs always work diligently to exceed customers’ expectations. As a result, our Lean-To Conservatories are completely customisable with many different colours and styles to choose from. Choose Chartwell Green for a strong, vibrant appearance that exudes country cottage charm. White Woodgrain for a clean, modern appearance or something a little more “out there” like French Grey or even Black.

      At the end of the day, the style and colour you choose for your Lean-To Conservatory will come down to your tastes as well as the unique aesthetics of your property.

      Customer Testimonials

      “The fitting team were a credit. Clean, efficient and pleasant to know. Site left in a very clean state. Thank you.”

      “All round excellent service. Used you in our previous home and was delighted with both installations you have done for us. Thank you.”

      “I cannot fault anything & best thing I ever did. I am relieved & happy that I have attractive doors & windows. Thank you.”

      “Thank you!”

      Local area installations

      Serving clients across Somerset and the South West

      Majestic Designs install quality double glazing products throughout Somerset. From Taunton to Yeovil and Weston-super-Mare to Wells; our insistence on quality installations and outstanding customer care remains the same. With our factories and showroom in Cheddar, we are conveniently located in the heart of Somerset, with easy access to the surrounding towns and villages. As part of the local community, we are dedicated to improving the lives of all our customers and by employing a local workforce we are investing in the future prosperity of the area.

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