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8 ways French doors could benefit your home this Summer

29th June 2023 |


When it comes to getting your home ready for summer, French doors can help you and your family find a balance between inside and out. Perfect for the warmer months, French doors offer easy access in and out of your home and create the ideal environment for both large gatherings and smaller social occasions.
White uPVC French Door
Here are 8 ways French doors could benefit your home this summer.

What is a French door?

French doors is the name given to a timeless style of door made famous during the Renaissance era. Before electricity was invented, French doors made it possible to allow an influx of natural light into a home and were first used as entranceways to patios and balconies. The glass panes typical of a French door allowed homeowners to naturally brighten their interior spaces – a tradition that continues to this day.
French doors are the perfect division between your interior and exterior spaces and can be installed as a divider between a kitchen and a study, or a bedroom and a lounge as well as for use as an external door. They can deliver a sense of understated elegance reminiscent of continental Europe and can provide your home with a stylish entranceway into your patio, garden or any other living space.
Not only do French doors look fantastic, but they also come with several benefits that make them an excellent choice for traditional and modern homes alike. Benefits include…


French doors offer timeless, elegant style and are available in a range of colours with authentic woodgrain finishes. At Majestic Designs, we engineer our range of uPVC and aluminium products to order, meaning you’ll be able to tailor your new French door to the unique aesthetics of your home as well as your own personal taste.
French doors can also be engineered with inward or outward hinges. This will depend on your own personal choice as well as your house’s layout and how much space is available.

Energy efficient

Modern French doors are highly energy efficient. This means choosing to install a set of French doors can ensure your home is warm, dry and comfortable all year round – and not just in the chillier months either. This is because your French doors will be engineered with double glazing, which is when two panes of glass are installed that are separated by a layer of insulating argon gas.
Argon gas is an excellent insulator and essentially prevents heat from transferring from one side to the other through the glass panes. As a result, during the chillier months, double glazing can prevent heat from escaping and during the summer months, it’ll keep the sun from heating up your home.

An open white uPVC french door


French doors are a cost-effective option for other, more expensive options on the market. However, despite the lower cost, installing French doors still allows homeowners to create a seamless transition between their external and internal living spaces. The ability to blur the boundary between your home and your garden can be great for the wellbeing of you and your family, as it introduces more proximity to your garden or patio area and brings you closer to nature.

Natural light

Installing French doors is a stylish and practical way of allowing more natural light into your home – particularly when you choose to install your new door as an external entranceway. This is because French doors traditionally have multiple panes of glass. When choosing your new door, you’ll have the opportunity to select from two-panel, three-panel and four-panel styles. Typically the more panels you choose, the more natural light will be able to flow into your home.

Property value

Even if you’re not currently thinking of selling, French doors are a desirable feature and can boost the value of your property. This may be useful further down the line when you may be thinking of selling your home and would like to attract potential buyers.


French doors can be engineered from a range of materials meaning you’ll be able to choose the right material for your home. At Majestic Designs, we engineer our French doors from durable uPVC which boasts both exceptional energy efficiency ratings and heightened security.


As previously mentioned, French doors can create a seamless transition between your internal and external living spaces, making them ideal for transforming the ways in which you and your family use your home. Perhaps most relevant, they can make your outside areas more accessible which can be great for hosting social occasions throughout the year.

White uPVC French Door Interior


While French doors can improve the accessibility of your home for you and your family, they can also secure your internal living spaces. This is because modern French doors are most often engineered from resilient uPVC, which is a highly durable and secure material. This ensures that your home is protected from any unwelcome intruders and can actually deter burglars.
At Majestic Designs, we engineer our French doors with a number of security features as a standard across our range, including multi-point locking mechanisms and internal beading.

French doors at Majestic Designs

Over the years, French doors haven’t faltered in their popularity – and it’s not hard to see why. Visually elegant, functional and undeniably European, French doors make a practical and aesthetically stylish addition to any property – regardless of the size, age or architectural era of your property.
Majestic Designs have been engineering our range of elegant French doors for more than 21 years. Engineered in Cheddar in the heart of Somerset, our range of bespoke French doors are engineered in our state-of-the-art factories and installed by our FENSA-accredited and MTC-registered leading teams of expert tradespeople.
If you have any questions about our range of French doors or are ready to book your at-home consultation, get in touch with Majestic Designs today.

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