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How to Insulate Your Home from the Heat This Summer

3rd August 2023 |

Energy Efficiency


At Majestic Designs, we understand it’s important to insulate your home from the summer heat. Based in Cheddar, we have been helping Somerset homeowners improve their home insulation for over 20 years.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we undGeorgian Bar Double Glazing Windowserstand the importance of taking care of your property in both the winter cold and the summer heat. Insulation is a key factor in looking after your home, especially due to the hot weather we have experienced in recent summers. With proper insulation, you can improve energy efficiency in the home, saving money and reducing energy costs.

Choose Energy-Efficient Windows to Insulate Your Home

Although you have the option of air conditioning and fans to keep your house cool, these are not energy efficient and will increase your electricity bills over time. Installing the correct windows for your home is a guaranteed way to improve insulation and keep your home cool during the summer months.

Over the 20+ years we’ve been installing windows across Somerset, we understand what works for different properties in varied environments. If you want to insulate your home from the heat and have long-lasting results, double-glazed windows are a great choice. We all know that double glazing improves energy efficiency and keeps our homes cosy during the winter months, but what about the summer heat? With hotter, drier summers, it’s essential to keep your home insulated from the hot weather.

Can Double Glazing Keep My Home Cool in the Summer?

Double glazing acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer from outside your home to the inside. The empty space between the two panes of glass prevents heat from passing through. This air/gas layer limits the rate at which warm air is conducted, reducing heat transfer. During the winter, double glazing prevents heat escaping from your home. During the hot, summer months, double glazing prevents heat from outside entering your home. It works both ways. When it’s hot outdoors, you can enjoy a cool room without requiring air conditioning. Double glazing limits the amount of heat transfer from one side of the window to the other.

As double-glazing controls the movement of heat between indoor and outdoor environments, it can save you money on energy bills throughout the winter months and keep your home cooler during the summer months. Keeping your double-glazed windows closed during the hotter months can make your home feel cooler. Almost all double-glazed windows have a trickle vent function, enabling air to circulate if you want to keep the windows closed. Double glazing is a guaranteed way to keep the temperature balanced in your home. White Upvc Windows

At Majestic Designs, our double-glazed windows are A+14 energy rated, so your energy bills drop whilst maximising your light. We use only the highest quality uPVC and aluminium materials, offering a wide range of double-glazed windows for your home.

Choose uPVC Doors

As temperatures increase across the UK each summer, it is vital to create an energy-efficient home to protect your property and live in comfort. Unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as uPVC, is a low-maintenance and resilient material used in homes.

Modern uPVC doors are highly efficient, and refurbishing your home with uPVC doors ensures a comfortable internal living space both in the winter and summer months. Here at Majestic Designs, we engineer uPVC doors with innovative double glazing, creating thermal efficiency and keeping the heat outside in the hotter months.

Our uPVC doors are durable and cost-effective, suitable for both traditional and modern homes. They have a multi-point locking system, ensuring your home is secure. uPVC is known for its optimal energy efficiency, keeping the temperature in your home stable throughout the summer. They are almost maintenance-free and proven to be durable. You can choose from a selection of colours and styles to match your home, creating a beautiful look that will last for years.

Our range of doors and windows are made in our state-of-the-art factories in Somerset. Creating a beautiful home is important for our customers, so we provide a range of attractive doors and windows to suit your vision – the perfect energy efficient solution for your home.

DIY Tips for Heat Reduction

Investing in double-glazed windows and uPVC doors is a great way to save money and regulate the internal temperature of your home. There are also other tips and tricks you can use to keep your house insulated and cool in the summer heat.

  • Implement Proper Window Treatments

Shutters and blinds help control heat and sunlight in your home, so make sure you close these when the sun beams into the room. You can also keep windows and doors closed during the day, to reduce heat transferring into the home. This allows double glazing to do what it is supposed to and prevent heat transfer from one side of the window to the other. At night, opening windows allows hot air from your home to move outside.

  • Sensible Light Switches Flush fit Windows

Most energy created by household lightbulbs is emitted as heat. Switching to LED lightbulbs can reduce the heat created in your home and reduce energy bills, which is both beneficial to you and helps support the environment.

  • Create Airflow

Correct ventilation is essential for maintaining a consistent indoor temperature and reducing heat. Proper ventilation is vital so hot air can escape from the building. Investing in fans that cool air, rather than just moving hot air around, is a sensible purchase. A tip is to buy them during the winter months when demand is low, and prices are more competitive.

Embrace Summertime with Majestic Designs

From higher energy efficiency to improved security ratings, double-glazed windows and modern uPVC doors offer several benefits for homeowners in the hot summer months. Refurbishing your home could be the answer to transforming your living space and feeling comfortable on hotter days.

If you want to insulate your home from the heat and keep cool, we can help. For over 20 years, Majestic Designs have manufactured a range of windows and doors here in Somerset in our state-of-the-art factories. We are committed to providing exceptional doors and windows to suit all your requirements. Our fully employed, experienced lead team of MTC registered and FENSA accredited lead installers have a reputation for excellent craftmanship and customer service.

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