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How Do I Know If My Windows Are Energy Efficient?

6th December 2022 |

Energy Efficiency

Coloured WindowsAlthough there are several DIY options when it comes to energy efficiency, the tried and true method of improving your home’s insulation and thermal ratings is replacing your old windows with modern uPVC or aluminium. You could place draught excluders around your doors and windows in an attempt to keep warm. However, at the end of the day, inefficient windows can account for a third of heat lost from your home. As a result, failing to refurbish old windows can drive up your energy bills in the winter as well as allow damp and condensation into your home.

With utility bills increasing and another frosty winter right around the corner, the term ‘energy efficiency’ is being thrown around a lot these days. So what is energy efficiency? And how can you tell if your windows are energy efficient?

What does energy-efficient mean?

In the context of a home, energy efficiency refers to the process of reducing the amount of energy required. If a home is energy efficient, this means it uses less energy.

Put simply, improving the energy efficiency rating of a home aims to reduce the amount of energy needed for the purpose of decreasing the cost of gas and electricity bills as well as maintaining a comfortable temperature within internal spaces.

Here in the UK, the energy efficiency of a window is rated by the British Federation Rating Council, or BFRC, who will assess how well a frame and glazing retains heat. Windows awarded an A on the Window Efficiency Rating (WER) scale are considered the most energy efficiency while G is the lowest. Additional plus signs following an A rating highlights better efficiency. For example, at Majestic Designs our range of windows are rated A+14 on the WER scale. That means our windows not only succeed in retaining heat effectively, but are some of the most energy efficient windows available on the market today.

How can a high energy efficiency rating benefit my home?

Here in the UK, we frequently deal with unpredictable weather, from grey, rainy days to intense roof-ripping storms – even in the summer months! As a result, it’s of paramount importance that your British home has high-quality windows that are resilient in the face of any adverse weather that may occur. Not only are modern windows more durable than older-style windows, they boast higher energy efficiency ratings that can protect your home from damp, condensation and the onslaught of wet, cold weather.

A high energy efficiency rating can help your home retain heat, meaning you won’t be reaching for the thermostat as often nor contending with pricey utility bills. As a result, you and your family will benefit from a drier, more comfortable home without having to deal with cold spots and draughts.

You’ll also be able to relax more in a more peaceful home. This because the better the energy efficiency rating of your windows, the better insulation your property will have against exterior noise pollution resulting from a busy road or heavy foot traffic.

How do I know if my windows are energy efficient?

A better way to find out if your windows are energy efficient is to work out if they aren’t retaining heat and insulating your home effectively and efficiently. For example, if your home has its original timber windows or uPVC windows more than 20 years old, have a look for wear and tear. Windows that are past their use by date often warp, flex and even rot, although peeling paint is usually the first sign you may need to consider updating them.

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Other noticeable factors include increasing utility bills as well as draughts, cold spots and condensation. If you’re reaching for the thermostat more than you usually would, it may be a sign of poor insulation. Likewise, if you’re experiencing more draughts and cold spots, or have noticed more condensation than normal, it may indicate the cold is getting in. In addition to the impact on the structural integrity of your home, increased damp can also result in mould and a multitude of serious health issues for you and your family.

Improving your energy efficiency at Majestic Designs

If you’ve assessed your windows and found they may not be as energy efficient as you would like, you might want to consider upgrading to uPVC or aluminium.

There really are no ways to cut corners when it comes to energy efficiency. The best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home is by replacing your older-style windows, the reason being inefficient windows can account for around one-third of total heat loss. As a result, replacing your older style windows with modern uPVC or aluminium can save you the hassle of costly utility bills as winter approaches, as well as keep your home warmer, drier and more comfortable.

The team at Majestic Designs have been engineering durable uPVC and aluminium windows for more than 21 years. Our range of modern uPVC and aluminium products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factories right here in Cheddar, and fitted by our experienced team of FENSA-accredited and MTC-registered lead installers.

If you would like any more information about improving the energy efficiency of your home or would like to book an at-home consultation, contact our team today.

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