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What Are The Most Energy-Efficient Windows?

22nd November 2022 |

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium DoorsWith chillier months and soaring utility costs just around the corner, you may be wondering how you can save yourself the hassle of costly energy bills this winter. For homeowners and landlords alike, replacing existing windows with energy-efficient uPVC or aluminium may be the solution you’re looking for. Doing so can improve the thermal retention of your home, as well as prevent the onslaught of damp, condensation and even mould.`

Here at Majestic Designs, our range of uPVC and aluminium windows have an A+14 rating for energy efficiency and thermal retention, meaning our windows actually exceed the expectations of the WER scale.

So what are energy-efficient windows? And how do they work?

How do energy-efficient windows work?

As the name suggests, an energy-efficient window is a window engineered for the purpose of improving the thermal retention of a home. The energy performance of a window comes down to how effectively the materials utilised can stop heat from passing through. How much sunlight can travel through the glass is also important, as well as how much air can escape around the edge of the window.

Energy-efficient windows are usually made of two or three glass panes which are sealed together in a single unit. Double-glazed windows have two sheets of glass with a gap in between, with the total sealed unit measuring about 28mm – 4mm glass, a 20mm spacer bar and another 4mm of glass. Triple-glazed windows have three sheets of glass and will be engineered with two gaps. With both double and triple glazing, the gaps between the panes of glass are filled with argon gas and sealed within a durable frame. A double-glazed or triple-glazed window without argon gas will not be energy efficient, as heat will be able to pass straight through.

Important components of energy-efficient windows include:

  • Low-E glass – Low emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, is the most energy-efficient type of glass for use in double and triple glazing. Low-E glass has a very thin coating of metal oxide on one of the internal surfaces of the glass, for the purpose of reflecting heat back into your living spaces. This allows for the entry of sunlight and heat from the outside while also reflecting heat back into the house.
  • Pane spacers – As the name suggests, pane spacers are set around the interior edges of the glass panes within a unit for the purpose of keeping them apart. When purchasing energy-efficient windows it’s important to look for pace spacers containing little to no metal. This type of pace spacer is often referred to as a ‘warm edge spacer’ or ‘Thermoflex spacer’.
  • Frame materials – Of course, the materials a window is engineered from also play an important role in the energy efficiency rating of a window. For example, both aluminium and uPVC are 100% recyclable and require little to no maintenance. Both materials also boast exceptional thermal retention ratings.

How do energy efficiency ratings work?

In the UK, windows are rated by the British Fenestration Ratings Council using the WER scale. Also known as the Window Energy Rating scale, WER measures energy efficiency with an alphabetical scale running from A to G, with the top-performing windows rated A and above. The lowest-performing windows are rated G. When determining the energy rating of a window, the WER scale considers a variety of factors, including the U value, solar heat gain value (G value) and overall air leakage.

At Majestic Designs, our range of windows has an A+14 energy rating – one of the highest possible energy efficiency ratings on the WER scale. We offer high-quality double glazing as standard as well as a plethora of modern features guaranteed to insulate your home. We also design and engineer our range of aluminium and uPVC windows with unique thermal reinforcement technology that enhances their thermal and acoustic insulation.

What are the most energy-efficient windows?

Chartwell Green Sash WindowsThese days, you’ll find that most energy-efficient windows are engineered from durable uPVC or aluminium. Available in a variety of different colours and styles, modern uPVC and aluminium windows are manufactured with energy efficiency and heightened security in mind with innovative double glazing, internal beading, weatherproof seals and other advanced features.

Aside from heightened thermal retention ratings, the benefits of modern uPVC and aluminium windows include:

  • More comfortable living spaces – Double glazing and other modern energy-efficient features assist your home in retaining heat. This means you’ll experience fewer draughts and cold spots, as well as warmer, drier living spaces.
  • Peace and quiet – Energy-efficient windows insulate your home against noise pollution. As a result, if you live in a busy area with high foot traffic or a busy road nearby, energy-efficient windows can transform your once noisy living spaces into a tranquil oasis. For further noise insulation, you can also opt for acoustic glass.
  • Reduced condensation, damp and mould – In the same way energy-efficient windows keep the heat in, they also have the innate ability to keep the cold out. This means energy-efficient windows can reduce the amount of condensation build-up within your home, as well as damp and other effects of moisture such as mould.

Energy-efficient windows at Majestic Designs

You might be wondering how you can spare yourself the bother of expensive energy bills this winter as the colder months and rising electricity expenses approach. Replacing your existing windows with energy-efficient uPVC or aluminium may be the answer you’re looking for. Doing so can improve your home’s thermal insulation as well as insulate and shield your living spaces from damp, condensation and even mould.

For more than 20 years, Majestic Designs have been engineering the very best energy-efficient windows for homes across the South West. Our range of aluminium and uPVC windows boasts an A+14 energy efficiency rating on the WER scale and are engineered with thermal retention in mind in Somerset, in our state-of-the-art factories. Together with our fully employed team of FENSA-accredited and MTC-registered lead installers, Majestic Designs have cultivated a region-wide reputation over the years for exceptional customer service and craftsmanship, and are widely considered the leading manufacturers of energy-efficient windows and doors here in the South West.

If you would like any more information about our energy-efficient windows and doors or are ready to book your at-home consultation, get in touch with Majestic Designs today.

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