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15 tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your old windows

18th January 2022 |

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If you think it’s time to upgrade your windows, it’s best to act fast.

If you live in a traditional period property you may be wondering how you can refurbish your home and upgrade your windows without compromising on the historic features that make it unique. You may own a traditional cottage with its original timber sash windows, or even a more modern build with older style uPVC windows from the 1980s. While older windows often conjure images of a bygone era that tug at the heartstrings, the reality is a home with little security or energy efficiency. Keeping your windows up to date is of paramount importance if you hope to avoid the adverse effects of Britain’s damp, stormy weather.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your windows, it’s best to act fast. While peeling paint or a warped frame can seem like a small issue, you may find your old windows are already causing a hassle in the form of costly utility bills and condensation in places it shouldn’t be. Left unattended, the situation can also quickly become more serious in the form of damp, mould or even rot.

Interior condensation

Condensation forms when cold air from outside meets your warm living spaces. If you notice condensation in places where it shouldn’t be, such as on the inside of your windows, it may mean the seals on your windows have failed. Left untreated, you could soon be contending with damp and mould within your home.


Have you noticed your window frames rattling in the wind? Or soft gushes of air within your home? If so, your frames may have warped or moved over time. Draughty frames may not be as secure as they once were, and can be a draw for unwelcome intruders. Like condensation, it’s also a sign that mould or damp could soon be a common sight within your home if the problem is left unresolved.

Difficulty opening and closing your windows

If you have difficulty opening and closing your windows, this is a sign they are not performing as they should. Like draughts and condensation, it’s also a security risk.

Noise pollution

If you live in an area with high foot traffic or road-noise, you may be used to sleepless nights and the sounds of city life invading your home. Unfortunately, high noise pollution is usually a sign it’s time to upgrade your windows, which may be suffering from single glazing or failed seals. Upgrading your windows with innovative thermal break technology and double glazing insulates your home from not only the effects of adverse weather but from the noise resulting from everyday life outside as well as unwelcome intruders.

Noticeable heat loss

If your utility bills have been steadily rising in cost and you’ve noticed yourself and your family increasingly reaching for the thermostat during the chilly winters months, it may be time to upgrade your windows. Older style windows tend to feature single glazing, and without modern thermal break seals insulating your home, your home will never be comfortable regardless of how high you turn the heating up.

Cold spots

If you have cold spots within your property, this is a sign that cool external air has found its way into your home and may be coming in through an older window unit, bringing with it the effects of cold weather such as damp, mould and rot.

Rotting frames

If you have older style timber windows that have begun to rot, unfortunately there is little that can be done to save them. A timber frame will quite literally rot away until there is nothing left but a pane of glass. If you would like to retain the period aesthetics of your old timber windows, uPVC windows are the durable, low maintenance option many modern homeowners are turning to.

Brittle uPVC frames

uPVC was all the rage in the 1980s and 90s. However, in contrast to modern windows, older uPVC windows were nowhere near as durable as they are today. Over time, older style uPVC windows become brittle and will eventually need replacing.

Faded carpet, walls and furniture

Modern windows have innovative double glazing that is engineered to protect your property from harmful UV rays. If you’ve noticed discolouring on soft furnishings, your carpet or even your walls that happen to be near your windows, the most likely cause is UV rays.

Higher than average utility bills

If your home is not optimised for thermal retention, you may be paying higher than average utility costs. Unfortunately, if you have older style windows, the only way is up when it comes to your heating bills. If you have noticed a gradual increase in your electricity, gas and/or heating costs, it may be time to assess the efficiency of your windows.

Dated aesthetic

If you’re looking to sell your home or simple improve the appearance of the outside, you might want to consider updating your windows. Fashions and styles change, and modern windows engineered from durable uPVC or aluminium can increase the ‘curb appeal’ of your home.

Rusty hardware

Your hardware, such as locks, handles and hinges, are an integral part of your window’s operates and need to be kept in tip-top condition in order to be functioning properly. Locks and hinges in particular are of importance in keeping your property secure as well as detering unwelcome intruders. Rusty or damaged hardware can be a luring prospect for burglars or other unsavoury types.

Single glazing

Gone are the days where single glazing was considered the forefront of the window industry. These days it’s all about double or even triple glazing. If security and energy efficiency is at the forefront of your mind, then installing double glazed windows (at the very least) in your property should be a top priority.

Insurance premiums

If you upgrade your property with modern uPVC or aluminium windows, you may notice a decrease in your overall insurance premium. This is because modern windows often feature secure, multi-point locking mechanisms, innovative double glazing and thermal break seals as well as strong, resilient frames. These modern conveniences are not only great for increasing the energy efficiency of your property, but also for ensuring your home is secure.

Damp and mould

Of all the signs you need to replace your windows, damp and mould is perhaps the most serious. While it may seem harmless if a little annoying, the reality of mould is the serious health problems it can cause. Damp can also undermine the structural integrity of your home and can be a nightmare to remove entirely. If you’ve noticed damp and mould within your home, upgrading your windows should be your top priority for the health of you, your family and anyone else living or frequently visiting your property.

Upgrading your windows with Majestic Designs

Misted Double Glazed Window

If you notice condensation in places where it shouldn’t be, such as on the inside of your windows, it may mean the seals on your windows have failed.

If you think it’s time to upgrade your windows, it’s best to act fast. Majestic Designs have been engineering our range of uPVC and aluminium windows for more than 18 years in our state-of-the-art factories in Cheddar. As proud members of the local community here in Somerset, we employ FENSA accredited and MTC registered leading installers, and have earned a county-wide reputation for expert craftsmanship and premier customer service.

If you have a question about our range of windows or are ready to book your at-home consultation, contact the team at Majestic Designs today.

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