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Here’s How You Can Save Money With New Windows

20th December 2022 |

Energy Efficiency

Chartwell GreenWith the temperature dropping and energy bills skyrocketing, you may be looking for ways to save money this winter. While updating your old windows may seem drastic, the reality of retaining older-style windows is more expensive utility bills and a less comfortable home. If you’re considering making significant energy efficient improvements to your property, new windows should be right up there on your priority list with a decent boiler and of course, high quality insulation in the right areas such as your loft and wall cavities.

So when should you replace your old windows? How can replacements save you money and perhaps most relevant, are they worth it?

When should I replace my windows?

You should consider replacing your windows when you notice…

  • Signs of wear and tear – This is especially relevant for traditional homes with old timber windows. If your original windows are warping, flexing, peeling and/or rotting, it’s time to replace them.
  • Increasing energy bills – If you’ve noticed you’re reaching for the thermostat more, it may be a sign of poor insulation which can increase your utility bills.
  • Draughts and condensation – If you’re experiencing draughts and have noticed more condensation within your home (not outside where it should be), it means the cold is getting in. This usually indicates poor insulation which means your home is not protected from the elements. Draughts and condensation can have significant consequences for the structural integrity of your home, and can result in mould as well as health problems for yourself and your family.
  • Operational difficulties – Can you open and close your windows with ease? If not, it may indicate the mechanisms that allow your old windows to function effectively have deteriorated.
  • More noise pollution – More noise pollution is often a sign of poor insulation. If you’ve noticed foot traffic and other exterior sounds making their way into your internal living spaces, it may indicate the seals on your windows have perished.

If you’re relating to any of the situations listed above, it may be time to refurbish your old windows with modern uPVC or aluminium – but will it save you money? The answer is a resounding yes which lies in better energy efficiency and security, improved kerb appeal and less costly maintenance.

Better energy efficiency

Heat loss through old, draughty windows can account for almost 40% of your monthly energy bills so naturally, if you’re looking to save money on gas and electricity, replacing your windows with modern uPVC or aluminium makes sense. There have been great strides in the manufacturing industry in recent years, meaning modern windows are more energy efficient than ever with innovative internal beading, double glazing and weatherproof seals.

Low maintenance

You won’t have to worry about costly maintenance when it comes to your new windows. Alongside improved energy efficiency, modern windows are built with high-quality materials such as uPVC and aluminium. Durable, resilient to the elements and ultimately built to last, your new windows won’t fade and are easy to clean which keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Heightened security

The importance of home security is no secret. While older style windows can be easily opened from the outside, modern uPVC and aluminium is engineered with innovative multi-point locking mechanisms, internal beading and durable double glazing that can deter unwelcome intruders and ensure your home is as secure and safe as possible.

As well as improving security, you may also find modern windows save you the hassle of costly insurance bills. This is because insurance providers will rate your property as less of a risk due to better security.

When choosing your installer, it’s important to look for a professional, reputable company that offer heightened security as a standard. At Majestic Designs, our range of uPVC and aluminium products are engineered with security in mind and are manufactured with double glazing and multi-point locking mechanisms.

Improved kerb appeal

Upgrading your windows can also improve the kerb appeal of your property, which will result in a higher return on investment later down the line. Although you may not be considering selling your home, new windows can attract more potential buyers when you decide to move in the future. This is because most potential buyers are more interested in purchasing a property that’s energy efficient ready to move into with minimal hassle.

Are new windows worth it?

New windows are a pretty hefty investment that can make a significant difference to the comfort, style and overall feel of your home. At the end of the day, modern uPVC and aluminium boasts an exceptional return-on-investment – especially when you factor in energy and insurance bills. Boasting heightened energy efficiency and security, low maintenance and improved kerb appeal, it’s safe to say new windows are definitely worth it.

New windows at Majestic Designs

Flush Fit WindowsYou might be looking for methods to save money this winter as energy costs continue to rise and temperatures plummet. While upgrading your windows for modern uPVC or aluminium may seem drastic, it make a significant difference to the cost of heating your home, as well as offering heightened security and improved kerb appeal.

New windows are certainly a long term investment – one that can save you large amounts of money when it comes to your energy and insurance bills. If you’re considering making improvements to your property this winter, for the purpose of improving your energy efficiency, they should be the very top of your priority list alongside a decent boiler and high quality insulation.

For more than 21 years, the team at Majestic Designs have been engineering our range of durable uPVC and aluminium windows for traditional and modern homes alike across the South West. Our range of uPVC and aluminium products are engineered in our state-of-the-art factories right here in Somerset, and fitted by our professional team of fully employed FENSA-accredited and MTC-registered lead installers.

At Majestic Designs, we use the latest machinery to manufacture our range of windows from only the highest quality materials. Available in a range of shapes, styles and colours, your windows will be made to order, resulting in a truly bespoke finish for your home. From country cottages to modern new builds, our range of uPVC and aluminium products are resilient in the face of adverse weather, durable and secure. Perhaps most important, they can save you the hassle of costly utility bills this winter.

If you would like any more information about how our range of uPVC and aluminium products or would like to book an at-home consultation with a member of our team, get in touch us today.

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