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Are Composite Doors Better Than uPVC?

20th December 2023 |


This is a great question that we get asked a lot, and as with so many other home improvement projects, the answer really depends on your needs, your home and your budget.

At Majestic Designs, what we can do is take each customer through the benefits and options associated with each type of door and help them to explore which solution is going to be right for their property.

Below we’ve outlined some of the main points you need to consider when choosing between a composite or uPVC door, as well as factors and features that may affect your decision.

Choosing the best material for the doors and windows in your home needs research and careful thought. Different options, styles and colours come with differing pros and cons and can also vary dramatically in price. You might want to consider how long you intend to be in your property before making a larger financial investment in one of the more expensive products and also think about how one style over another might offer better longevity and a more timeless look and feel to your property for years to come.

uPVC doors

Widely used, popular, hard-wearing, versatile and suitable for front and rear main access points, and patio and conservatory doors, uPVC offers a cost-effective and relatively low maintenance solution to replacing or updating your door. uPVC doors offer excellent insulation, high levels of security with multipoint locking as standard and can be designed and manufactured in an incredibly wide range of styles, colours and sizes.

uPVC White Porch With Black Door

Installing a uPVC door can help you to make considerable savings on your energy bills and also reduce your home insurance costs. Installed correctly by an expert fitter they are secure, safe, strong and provide excellent protection from the elements.

Traditionally uPVC doors offer a lifespan of around 20 years and require very little upkeep or yearly maintenance. Many last a lot longer, but this time span will always be impacted by the level of wear and tear your door receives and the amount of extreme or adverse weather that your home exterior encounters.

Composite Doors

Composite doors are engineered with a strong core that provides increased stability and longevity.

Most commonly they are crafted from a selection of materials that complement each other and combine to provide enhanced insulation and security. These include uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass-reinforced plastic. The result is a product that is far more resistant to weathering, warping or fading with a normal lifespan of around 35 years if cared for correctly.

Dark blue composite entrance door

Security-focussed homeowners often opt for composite doors at key entry points because of their naturally superior safety and protection credentials.

Their longer life makes them the top choice for people who have found their ‘forever home’ and want to undertake home improvements that offer the best return on investment.

One of the primary features of a composite door is the versatility and range of design options, with thousands of colour, style, design and hardware combinations available. They can be created to work with the aesthetics of traditional or heritage properties or more contemporary ones.

uPVC vs Composite – Factors to Consider

Energy Efficiency

Composite doors offer superior insulation and therefore potentially greater savings on your energy bills. With a far higher resistance to heat loss due to the optimal combination of materials, a composite door can help to maintain a more consistent temperature within your property. uPVC doors also offer excellent insulation in comparison with older single pane or solid wood door options, and correctly fitted can help to eliminate drafts and deliver a warmer home.

Cost, Longevity & Maintenance

Composite doors are at the more expensive end of the price spectrum, but the variety of size and design options can mean that the costs vary substantially depending on what you want and need for your home. Traditionally you can expect a composite door to last for around 35 years which is a great return on investment. uPVC doors can be a more cost effective solution and again, the vast selection of styles means you’ll be able to find the right fit for your budget. Usually uPVC doors will last for around 20 years but many last far longer. Composite and uPVC doors require minimal maintenance, as they are resistant to rotting, rusting and fading.

Security & Weather Resistance

uPVC and composite doors both offer strong security features when correctly designed, fitted and installed, including multi point locking systems. Composite doors just have the edge on uPVC for security because of their more robust structure and greater resistance to damage.

Both materials can provide excellent weather resistance, standing up well against the UK’s unpredictable and sometimes extreme weather conditions without fading or deteriorating.

Design Options

Although both types of doors give you the chance to choose a product to fit your own style and taste, compared with composite doors, uPVC doors have fewer customisable options for the finish and colour. uPVC will tend to look like the versatile and hard-wearing plastic product that it is, whereas composite doors at the higher end of the price bracket can replicate the look and feel of solid wood.

Remember to carefully consider:

  • Your Budget – How much can you spend and how long do you need your new door to last?
  • Your Security and Insulation Needs – Do you need a door that provides superior security and insulation?
  • Your Personal Style and Aesthetic Tastes – Do you need a wide range of colour, finish and fixtures options to choose from?

Ultimately the right door for your home comes after careful consideration of the factors and points listed above. Assess what you need vs what you’d like if you could choose anything. You can then chat with the experts to find out if there is a middle ground that offers the best of both worlds.

At Majestic Designs we have been helping homeowners choose the best door and window solutions for their homes for over 20 years. We’d be very happy to talk you through all the options and answer any questions you have about uPVC and composite doors.

Give one of our expert and friendly team members a call today on 01934 741 294 or send us a message online.

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