Glazed Extensions/LivinRoom

If you can’t decide which conservatory style to choose, or perhaps you want a little more privacy, a LivinRoom or alternative glazed extension is the perfect compromise.

What is a LivinRoom?

Put simply, a LivinRoom is a combination of a traditional conservatory and extension. It uses a mix of glazing and solid sections, or pillars. These solid walls give the feel of a more permanent structure, and make the extension look far more like a part of your home, rather than an afterthought.

A LivinRoom usually features a stylish lantern roof which helps flood light into the room. Inside, this makes way for an elegant perimeter ceiling in which you can incorporate downlights and even speakers – perfect for relaxing or entertaining!

Make way for customisation

By featuring less glass, a LivinRoom is far easier to customise than a traditional conservatory. Add wallpaper, photos and artwork to solid walls, and add blinds to windows and doors.

Externally, the main LivinRoom structure can be finished in a range of colours, and the brickwork or rendering will be matched to your property. This means that a LivinRoom is perfectly suitable for both more traditional and contemporary homes across Somerset.

A comfortable space, all year round

The beauty of a LivinRoom, as well as other modern glazed extensions, is that they are designed to help maintain consistent temperatures. They can be used just as much in Winter as they can be in Summer, making for far more space for you and your family to play with.

This is made possible with energy efficient glass and window and doors frames. Even if the heating is turned on, heat is far less likely to escape. Equally, with more solid walls, less sunlight is absorbed when the sun is at its hottest, and you can alter this even further with the simple addition of blinds.

Bespoke glazed extensions for your Somerset home

If you want to benefit from a flexible new living space, a LivinRoom or glazed extension could be the perfect solution. You will gain more privacy, space and security – all year round.

Majestic only use experienced teams of LivinRoom installers, so you can count on us to enhance your home. With our professionalism, you could be enjoying a new glazed extension in next to no time at all, wherever you are based across Somerset.

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